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About Us


Mission Statement

We are passionate about teenagers changing and influencing the world to make it a better place for everyone, regardless of which country they come from. This is why TeenEagle exists: to be a universal platform that will pass on these principles down, from generation to generation.


Promote English language challenges globally


Create a network for educators across countries


Encourage the development of a shared sense of identity and integration


Promote diversity and universal thinking


Create and nourish friendly relationships while promoting a healthy competition


Inspire young minds to unlock their potential


Guide students with their future plans


Encourage young minds to give back to their communities



We aim to be what educators and students need in order to create a successful future. Our English language competitions encourage the development of a shared sense of identity, but we also spend valuable time on promoting diversity and out-of-the-box thinking.

We are incredibly passionate about creating relationships. We want to promote healthy, unique, and international relationships through friendly competition. It is through cooperation that young minds are inspired, and how teenagers share ideas, promote peace, and give back to their communities.

Why Eagle

Flight is a power that we take for granted. For a bird to fly, they must co-exist with the most complex of designs–from their primary feathers guiding their path, to the powerful muscles they use to launch themselves higher.

An eagle is a symbol of such power. More importantly, it is a symbol of leadership, freedom, and integrity. When an eagle flies, we are reminded of the bravery it takes to improve oneself. We are reminded of the independence that it symbolises, where everyone has equal opportunities. We are reminded of the flock, which only works if every bird works together.

At TeenEagle, we hope that our choice of mascot keeps us true to our mission. We want to help students be brave, honest, and capable of incredible things. We might aim high, but we cannot wait to see the world with a birds-eye view.

Why TeenEagle

Our English language competitions are open worldwide. We actively foster collaboration, value diversity and creativity, and provide a concrete goal towards learning and using English. In addition, the TeenEagle Competition is accredited and certified by Brooke House College. Winning doesn’t just mean getting discounts to some of the best universities in the United Kingdom as a prize–it also means that you know how to apply invaluable skills to real-world scenarios on an international scale, which is a great addition to your CV.

In addition, TeenEagle nurtures relationships with teachers, schools, and other academic partners. Teachers may use original TeenEagle materials in the classroom, be sponsored to undergo and present original ELL research, and take part in our teaching soft-skills workshops. Likewise, schools and larger partners will benefit from TeenEagle certification, international promotion, and global partnerships. TeenEagle also provides schools with exceptional registration rates with need-based and merit-based sponsorships.

Finally, one of the most popular reasons our participants compete are the extracurriculars. Our Global Finals Round takes place in some of the world’s most unique and multicultural cities, with seven days packed full with competitions, trips to local attractions, and raving afterparties. Whether it’s the culture, the learning experience, or the future opportunities you find interesting, TeenEagle is waiting for you.


Founder's note

TeenEagle started with a group of good friends on a windy London day. At first, we wanted to motivate students through international activities. Later, we realised that students and teachers alike were already packed with school. Our TeenEagle Team finally came up with assisting teachers in reading and listening by providing two resources, one book and one film.

The idea was launched right before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. We had started TeenEagle’s first round with the hope of having onsite events with students from 17 different countries. After the pandemic started, we still held our online rounds, but had to postpone our great dream of grand finals in London. Instead, we poured ourselves into our work.

It paid off. We had over 30 countries compete in our second online round. Now, we can proudly say TeenEagle is in over 50 countries. Our dream is happening, right in front of us.

The aim of TeenEagle is to inspire change. Each student that takes the time to compete with us is another person we treasure. TeenEagle can help these changes happen–but they start with you, and they start now.

We would like to thank the invaluable members of the TeenEagle family. From students, to their teachers, to the country coordinators, to our staff members–thank you for believing in the power of TeenEagle.



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