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Our Online Competition aims to provide an accessible global network to share ideas, promote diversity, and inspire young minds to unlock their potential.

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Why Online

The Online Round is the first stage of the TeenEagle language competition. Through our Online Rounds, we aim to provide an accessible global network to share ideas, promote diversity, and inspire young minds to unlock their potential. However, we also hope that participating in TeenEagle Online helps teens to assess their strengths and weaknesses, making them more powerful contestants in future challenges.

How Online

The TeenEagle Online Rounds last for 60 minutes, during which participants will be asked to complete 60 questions, ranging from multiple choice, to true/false, to matching. TeenEagle Online will be done under the supervision of one of our local partners (which can be a teacher, a staff member, or an external party) unless organised otherwise. Students are allowed to use their own electronic devices to take TeenEagle Online, such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets.

The questions themselves are made from the resources TeenEagle chooses and are different based on our competitive categories. TeenEagle has three age categories: you can look here in more detail to figure out which category you or your students would be competing in.

Each category consists of two resources, one book and one movie. All our questions will come directly from one of these resources. Participants will be asked to recall key terms, understand key theories, or analyse short passages of texts from these resources.


All participants will receive a participation certificate and a report card. However, we do have certain awards based on results:

  • Participants who obtain between 40 to 59.9% will receive an Honourable Mention Certificate
  • Participants who obtain between 60 to 74.9% will receive a Bronze Medal Certificate
  • Participants who obtain between 75 to 89.9% will receive a Silver Medal Certificate
  • All participants who obtain between 90 to 100% will receive a Gold Medal Certificate

The top achievers per category will receive discounts for the TeenEagle Global Finals:

  • First-place participants will receive a 100% discount
  • Second-place participants will receive a 75% discount
  • Third-place participants will receive a 50% discount
  • All gold winners will receive a 10% discount


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